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Indulge in the Xperience simply because It’s A Life-Style Too

An experience is only an Xperience by delivering our customers their expected results on time, everytime. Each Xperience is crafted with one idea in mind to serve your needs with unyielding energy. for this beauty. One of the options we are most excited about is the choice to add a second featured image to any page or post that will act as a gorgeous hero image.

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Our company provides quality products & consistent services.



An easy to understand system of quality based services & products.



Every staff member is held responsible for accomplishing Excellent Execution.

Our Vision

We refuse to put anyone in the same box every person is uniquely designed and our services and products take the same approach; each client has a different need or want. Our approach is designed & formulated to allow every customer to encounter their own exclusive Xperience here a The Life-Styled Xperience.


Meet Latifah

Just a Brooklyn girl living it in a peachy world trying to put a smile and sprinkle peace and serenity on everyone that I am counter. From a Medical Assistant to LPN to Entrepreneur I’ve always had the passion to care for others and make people feel good whether it’s mentally emotionally or physically. I started The Life-Styled Xperience with that in mind whether you are looking to organize your home organize & your life to feeling aches and pains and wanting to feel relaxed to wanting to be on vacation and still feel that homely serene feeling. That’s my goal that’s what I strive for that is the definition of a Life-Styled Xperience.

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